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February 2018
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    SPIRITUAL REJUVENATORS was founded by Life Partners and Twin Flames, Geoffrey & Carole McLatchie to promote the “Wellness of Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit.” Geoffrey & Carole are members of the Universal Teaching and Healing Community and Inspirational Speakers who use their talents, education and life experiences, through a variety of services and programs, to foster self-awareness and spiritual growth. Utilizing their individual and combined teaching and healing techniques, they offer day-to-day lessons for a life of fulfillment in the “now.”

    Geoffrey McLatchie was born into an intuitive family in Scotland and lived in Toronto, ON, Canada for many years before moving to New Brunswick. He is a Clairvoyant, Medium, Reiki Master/Teacher and an S.A.C. (Spiritual Alignment Connection) Practitioner/Teacher. From an early age, he displayed an ability to “see” what others could not and he was already a “spirit” healer prior to becoming a Reiki Master. He has drawn on his intuition his entire life in both his personal and professional lives. Geoffrey is an “old soul” and he has been a Spiritual Leader and Teacher in most of his past lives.

    Carole McLatchie is from Toronto, ON, Canada where she resided before re-locating to New Brunswick. She is a Reiki Master, an Intuitive, a Master Spiritual Numerologist and a “Modern Day Goddess”. In conjunction with her intuitive powers, she incorporates the tools of a Numerology Chart to help promote insight within individuals and their life situations. Through a series of Goddess Healings, designed specifically for women, Carole helps you to accept and love yourself. These healings help us to learn how beautiful and powerful we are and then we are able to take back our true place in the Universe. Carole also teaches “Mindfulness” Meditation in a group setting and encourages participants to share their experiences and productive energies.


    SPIRITUAL REJUVENATORS is situated in Cocagne, within a beautiful Acadian Village setting. The house was built by a local couple in the late 1970s. Sitting on 2 1/2 acres, the back lawn with mature trees makes its way down to the water known as Cocagne Bay (Baie de Cocagne). There is a portion of reserved and protected Marsh Land that supports and attracts many species of birds, butterflies and other wildlife. A private beach with approximately 150 foot frontage is enjoyed by family and friends during the summer months.


    There is a tranquility and serenity attached to this property, which lends itself to the type of services performed. The Healing/Energy work takes on the highest vibrational level due to the surrounding land and the house itself. In Numerology, this house is a number 6 energy and love of children, pets and family traditions are classic. Comfort and good things are attracted to this home when life is lived out of good will and a humanitarian spirit. In addition, this is an excellent house for counsellors who work at home because the energy of a #6 house is warm, caring and nurturing. Close, loving relationships come to life here.


    The people, who come for Spiritual Development Workshops, feel a natural connection to the environment and to each other. Many friendships have been made here. There is a general feeling of peace, which lends itself to the successful Healing/Energy work conducted on the premises. Most people will tell you that it is a special place and definitely worth the 20 minute drive from Moncton. Come and visit us and see for yourself. The view alone is worth the effort!