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February 2018
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    If you have questions requiring answers; if you need to talk with someone who understands; if you want to clear up a particular problem or just need to be heard – we are here. Telephone Sessions as well as In-Person Sessions are available. The cost is $80 and payment can be made by cash, PayPal or E-Transfer. Please note: PayPal payments add $5.00. For a convenient appointment time, telephone or email today.



    During our lifetime, we have many traits, fears and phobias which have no foundation in this life and, in many instances, are a carry-over from a previous life. In order to gain a greater understanding of our current life we sometimes have to re-visit one or more of our previous lives to focus our perspective. Through this method we gain an understanding of the reasons we keep repeating the same things over and over. A past life session brings forth earlier lives in order to better understand life to-day.  Cost is $80. Add $5 for PayPal payment.



    Do you need someone to talk to? Do you want to understand more about your life and gain a greater understanding of what is holding you back from the next step in your growth?   Do you want to make more sense of your life and start enjoying what the Universe has in store for you? Are you tired of not being able to remove old outstanding issues which hold you back from your spiritual journey?.  Do you want to talk to someone about  how you can overcome your fears and destroy your negative blocks  by opening the floodgates of  your limitless energy?. Do you want to begin your  Transformational journey to greatness by  talking to someone who has assisted hundreds of people  achieve a life  of opportunity and enlightenment.

    If you answered yes to all of the above then make an investment in yourself during this 2 hour Transformational Counseling session where you will sit down and talk to someone who will help you with your journey.  You will learn “why” you are the way you are and, assistance will be given  to you in order that you make the changes necessary before you can take the next step in your personal growth and spiritual development.

    Your facilitator Geoffrey is a Master Spiritual Teacher whose mission in life is to give people the tools necessary for them to feel better about themselves.  If you are ready for the next step, take it now by registering yourself for a one-one session which will open you up to limitless opportunity.  Make an investment in self and reap ongoing benefits, all of this for only $200.  Add $7 for PayPal.



    A two-hour session designed for couples who may be experiencing difficulty in communicating with each other. A crossroads in life may have been reached with a sincere desire to reclaim the relationship to a healthier level. These sessions are very open where truth and honesty are valued and will appeal to people who are unafraid of speaking from their hearts. At the end of this in-depth session, couples know whether they are able to continue to grow together. Cost for the two-hour session is $200.  Add $7 for PayPal.



    Numerology is the science of numbers or vibrations – everything is made up of vibrations. This Universal Law applies to people as well as things and it can be used to determine a great deal about individuals. Prepared by a Master Spiritual Numerologist, you will learn: who you are; why you are here; your natural talents and abilities; your destiny; the lessons you came here to learn and much more. By implementing rules and formulas, Carole will show how these influences come into play in your life. Numerology gives us a mirror to the soul and we find all the experiences life can present. It provides us with the opportunity to see ourselves better, to realize our special talents and abilities, see our limitations, what we came here to do and how best to accomplish our destiny. A Numerology Chart encompasses vital information from the time we are born to the last days of our lives. Not only can Numerology tell us about ourselves, it can tell us the same things about the people in our lives. Parents can learn why their children behave as they do and thereby help them to grow and develop. Numerology is also a tool that can be used to help achieve greater harmony between you and those you love and can be used to better your relationships with others. A Numerology Chart is prepared in English and can be obtained from any location in the world – Electronically. A FREE program (with easy instructions) is provided and all paper and voice files are delivered straight to your computer. An easy Payment Plan is available on-line. The cost is $100 and you only need to have it done once and it lasts your entire life-time.  Add $5 for PayPal



    An Annual Forecast (Numerology) explains, on a month-by-month basis, the energy a person will be under in the coming year. It reveals your purpose along with your personal intention for the year ahead. This forecast is for those who are already in possession of their Numerology Chart and this Annual Forecast is usually ordered late October. The cost is $50. Add $5 for PayPal.



    The Druids began practicing Celtic Lunar (Moon) Astrology around 1000BC with their Zodiac based on thirteen sacred trees. Each tree has mystical characteristics associated with the people born under its sign. The Celtic calendar also has thirteen astrological signs based on lunar months and each month has its own lunar symbol. Due to the fact that the Druids divided each year evenly into two parts – the light and the dark – their Zodiac represents the lunar as well as the solar cycles of life. Western Astrology tends to ignore the significance of the Moon`s power, which is really a representation of the unconscious mind and where our `hidden agendas` and `past lives` reside. If you are interested in obtaining greater insight into your psyche, as well as an intriguing character evaluation, take advantage of this Personal Lunar Horoscope  for only $100 Cdn. Add $5 for PayPal.  You will receive a Portfolio containing documents and a CD with a complete character analysis.





    Reiki is a very powerful symbol based Complementary Healing Therapy which is administered by a Reiki Master Teacher.  During the Reiki treatments you are surrounded by a  powerful healing energy which knows in which direction to go in order to reduce your stress, make you more capable of dealing with pain and , reduces anxieties.  During the treatment accept  the power of the Reiki energy and, when you learn to go with the  flow you will feel the many benefits which are derived from a Reiki treatment.  Reiki can help clean up your Chakra imbalance and, by reducing the amount of emotional stress in your life can actually help you improve your personal relationships.   Investment in self is only $70/session. Add $5 for PayPal.



    This very powerful FIVE-Part healing therapy has changed forever how many people live their lives. People who feel the need to be “reconnected” to life and the Universe will appreciate the benefits of S.A.C. In addition, this therapy is known for reducing physical and emotional pain which also prevents enjoyment of life. At the conclusion of the fifth session; many feel energized, a gaining of increased confidence, a belief in self and, for some, a complete change in their life’s direction. This therapy is designed for people who wish to regain control over their life and appreciate a feeling of well-being. Cost $300, if paid in full can use Paypal add $10, etransfer or cash.  Individual payments of  $70/session.