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February 2018
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    Reiki Teachings In Cocagne



    May 11, 2018

    10am to 3pm

    4 Students will have an opportunity to be trained by Reiki Master Teacher Geoffrey recognized as being one of the most powerful healers in this part of the country. Geoffrey is a nationally known Master Spiritual Teacher who also teaches Intuitive Sound healing and much much more.

    During this intensive one day session students will learn the origins of modern day Reiki and it’s modern day growth in the world. You will be taught certain Reiki affirmations, find out which of your Chakras are out of balance as well as having in-class healing opportunities.  Geoffrey will also give each student their Level I attunement along with certain self healing tools and much more.

    The benefits of Reiki healings are many and include reduction of stress and an increase in balancing off the energies in your body.  Reiki also helps you sleep better and brings a sense of calm into your life and therefore help you cope better with day-day living.  Reiki healings can clear negative energy and help rebalance the chakras and much more.

    If you wish to take more control over your own body and wish to improve your health this is for you.  If you are a caregiver and wish to give your client an additional healing benefit this is for you. If you are a parent with young children you can apply Reiki healing to them and any animals this if for you.  This Level I will also appeal to those students who wish to move forward and eventually become Reiki Masters.

    No matter the reason the benefits are many and on-going.  Please register ASAP to avoid disappointment.  Cost is only $200. Add $10 for Paypal





    March 17, 2018

    10am to 3pm

    For all level I graduates who wish to move forward with their healing energy work, this session will expose you to “distant” healing which you can do for loved ones who live away as well as receiving a special Reiki II meditation designed to open you up to the healing power of the Universe. Reiki II can help you repair the pain of past memory and reduce the effect of negative feelings.  You will gain more practical working experience as well as having an Attunement of two very powerful symbols which will allow you to access a much higher healing energy and, at the end of the session you will begin to recognize and accept that you are now able to give Reiki energy healing treatments using a much more powerful energy.   Class size is a maximum of 4 students. Cost is $250, add $10 for PayPal payments or E-Transfer available.






    For all Level II graduates who wish to connect to the higher reaches of the Universal energy and to connect to extremely powerful Reiki Masters, Spiritual healers and all others then the Masters program is for students who are serious about being practitioners of this extremely powerful symbol based healing energy.   This is an in-depth session which addresses your emotional state, your understanding of the Reiki principles and the level I and II symbols.  You will be working on clients, each other and will be given the Attunement of the most powerful Masters Symbol. Classes will be held when there are two students registered.  Cost is $400 add $10 for PayPal payments.






    7pm to 9PM  

    March 14th and 21st

    During each moment of our life on this earth plane we are inundated with colour and, this is your opportunity to find out what do the colours say about you – what is your favorite colour, the colour of your clothes/car/house and more – they all have a story to tell you about yourself.  We will be taking a look at the healing and spiritual properties of various colours with a detailed description as to their meaning.  Did you know that gold is the most powerful of the spiritual colours or that blue is the most popular colour in our Universe and that green is for the nature and animal lover.

    For the first time we will be spending some time on a discussion of the meaning of various Aura colours and their potential impact on your life as well as how advertising uses certain colours for sales and what colour is best for young babies etc.  If you want to add another component to your understanding of self and would like to join this group, register now and pay only $40/session at the beginning of each class.






    August 21st, 2018

    In Cocagne from 7pm to 9pm

    Meditation is the journey from sound to silence, from movement to stillness and from limitations to limitless.  Mindful meditation is a technique which allows you to become aware of what is going on around you and where you will learn how to focus the mind, which in many instances  in many can lead to a positive improvement in the working environment.  Many large companies in North America are setting up meditation rooms, bringing in meditation teachers, all in an effort to improve the workplace efficiency and productivity and beyond. Mindful meditation will bring more people together and make everyone more focused on the various tasks at hand.  Mindful meditation concentrates on living in the “now”.

    Benefits of meditation are many and include easier to manage pain, can sharpen the aging brain, reduces effect of ongoing  negativity, improves concentration, leads to a greater happiness and much more. The best way to “learn” meditation is in a group setting and we encourage people who have never meditated to join us as well as others who may be requiring a “reboot” to connect them to the meditation energy. Cost is only $20.




    Feb 11, 2018

    In Cocagne from 1pm to 4pm

    You have a great opportunity to join a group of like minded students who are excited and thrilled to go on this voyage of re-discovery.  Are you interested in finding out who you were in a previous life?  Perhaps  you have a strong link to a country or time in history and would like to know why.  For others who believe in Reincarnation and that we are the sum total of all of our past lives then this workshop is for you.  Geoffrey will be your guide/mentor during this session which for many may be a life changing experience.  During the second guided session you may find time to ask a question of an Ascendant Master, Spiritual Guide/teacher or perhaps connect to a loved one in spirit.  Time permitting Geoffrey will do a brief past life session for one of the students.  To attend you must register for one of the few remaining spots and Pay $50(non-refundable)

    You can use Paypal(add$3) or etransfer or Cash by arrangement.  Please note that payment is your only guarantee of attending this workshop.